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 A Step Toward American Energy Independence

Kermit/Midland, Texas: High Roller Sand announced today the commencement of shipping the first trucks from their new in-basin plant after beginning production of high quality hydraulic fracturing sand last week. This fully automated, state-of-the-art-facility is projected to be operating at full capacity & capability in 30-45 days. The plant has opened fully contracted with a blue-chip customer base. Sales, Customer Service and a 24/7 dispatch will be coordinated through the new Midland, TX office located at 310 W. Wall Street, Suite 550.

High Roller Sand has successfully completed this project on time and within budget with a clear vision on safety, quality, efficiency, cost and reduction of customer downtime. To achieve these goals, six silos have been constructed, substantial water wells have been secured for production, and premier equipment has been installed including an automated high-speed truck load-out and a drop/swap Box Farm system. Customer load-out efficiency will be facilitated by 24/7 dispatch. High Roller’s Sand’s pre-opening contracting success reflects the new plant’s ability to reduce customer downtime due to its location, low-cost structure, High Speed automated truck load-out and a passion for excellent Customer Service. They are strategically located at 6435 County Road 308, Kermit, Texas for low traffic ingress and egress to prime Northern Delaware and Northern Midland basins just 8 miles north of Kermit with a private road off FM1218

Committed to a safe eco-friendly environment, High Roller Sand has received the Texas Conservation Plan (TCP) Certificate of Inclusion. They are one of the only producers approved in the northern sections of the deposit and plan to continue to operate under a sound dunes sagebrush lizard (DSL) Conservation and Habitat Improvement Plan.

“We are committed to providing the highest quality 40/70 and 100 Mesh natural sand proppants, placing safety first for our employees, customers and community. We intend to supply our customers efficiently with minimum downtime and at the lowest total cost. The Innovation of in-basin sands, with a game changing cost profile, is an important step towards American Energy Independence” stated Dave Frattaroli, Executive Vice President of Business Development, High Roller Sand.

For more information:  844-695-7263 (Sand)

First trucks of 40/70 and 100 mesh loaded at High Roller Sand