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It is our continuing mission to serve our customers efficiently with minimum downtime and at the lowest total cost. To further that goal, we have a new mine/plant strategically located in proximity to key customer acreage. Construction and commission are completed, for the fully-automated, state-of-the-art hydraulic fracturing sand facilities.Read more

The High Roller Sand 115 Plant (located on HWY 115 north of Kermit and east of the dunes) produces 4 MMTPY of 100 mesh and 40/70 mesh hydraulic fracturing sand. Read more

Low traffic ingress and egress to prime Northern Midland/ Delaware Basins is an important competitive advantage for this plant.

High Roller’s Winkler Plant has a 1.2mmtpa capacity of damp sand production to load 80,000 tons of WIP inventory direct to bulk trucks and boxes in 2 high speed lanes. It also has the advantage of using existing equipment from the idled Penwell, TX plant commissioned and mothballed in 2018. The full-scale wash plant is neither “mobile” nor “mini”, and is designed to remove organics, oversize sand particles, and clays.

The company used the patent pending Super Sand Sieve system designed by High Roller EPC and Ferguson Water Works, which is designed to more than handle the loads of large wheel loaders. Also unique to this plant is a high-speed horizontal vacuum belt, providing consistent 4-6% moisture damp 100 mesh.


High Roller Sand maintains the highest standards of quality control. We offer 7K 40/70, 9K 50/140 and 10K 70/140 mesh hydraulic fracturing sands. Our finished products are fully tested and compliant with API and ISO specifications.


Water is a valued commodity in West Texas. We have substantial water on the High Roller Sand properties that allow us to effectively and efficiently use water in our production process.



Direct access to low traffic routes to and from well pads in the Northern Midland/Delaware Basins.

Committed to Providing a Safe Eco-Friendly Environment!

Key Advantages


Reduced round-trip transport time. High Roller Sand plant is strategically located. We are situated perfectly to use low traffic flow to and from well pads in Northern Midland/Delaware Basins.


The High Roller Sand Plant is fully operational 24/7 to meet customer demand. Company policy is to respond to customer inquiries in 24 hours or less. We have built a valued reputation on providing exceptional customer service.


Our use of advanced technology for hydraulic fracturing sand production, delivery and service significantly increases efficiency in our production processes. Our plant is fully automated, from the mine to the finished product silos for loadout. The reduction of time for sand from plant to the well pad also translates to time and cost efficiencies for the customer.

About Us

High Roller Sand puts customers first. We have a greatly valued reputation with our employees, customers and vendors of being responsive, fair and loyal.

We work closely with our customers and make their priorities ours. In this extremely competitive market every minute counts, so it is critical we deliver on time, every time.

Our team offers the most cost effective solutions for our customers while maintaining the highest standards of quality control.

Customer Reviews

It's been refreshing and rewarding to work with High Roller. Customer focus, oilfield experience, and an innovative ‘get it done attitude’ are going to be important to our success in the Permian Basin. High Roller has these qualities in spades!

Brian J.

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