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High Roller Sand is dedicated to protecting the environment. We have devoted considerable time, effort, resources and land to the conservation of the dunes sagebrush lizard (DSL), a small lizard that seeks refuge from the sun and potential predators beneath stands of sand shinnery oak, a rare tree that thrives in the dunes of West Texas and New Mexico. Although our sand plant is outside the habitat map accepted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the DSL Voluntary Conservation Agreement, we feel it is necessary to be proactive with our own Conservation Plan. We have employed an Environmental Consultant to review all areas of our property and to develop a Conservation Plan to protect necessary areas of this small reptile. High Roller Sand has received the TCP Certificate of Inclusion for more than 1000 acres of our land containing more than 90 million tons of resources. We are one of the only operators approved in the northern sections of the deposit and we are confident that the plant will continue to operate under a sound DSL Conservation and Habitat Improvement Plan. Our Environmental Consultant will continue to review all areas of the property and maintain a conservation plan and habitat enrichment program to protect and promote the DSL habitat. The sand plant and the first 20+ years of the mine plan are in a section of the High Roller Sand property that is outside of the habitat map accepted by USFWS and used in the DSL Voluntary Conservation Agreement. We do not expect any compromise of production and delivery of sand from restrictions relating to DSL, and have the option to enroll additional acreage in the future. As a responsible partner in the struggle to protect the DSL, we continue to attend meetings with the respective exploration and production operator associations and the Comptroller’s office to stay informed and support the ongoing efforts of these groups relating to the DSL. TCP Certificate of Inclusion

Dunes Sagebrush Lizard (Source: US Fish & Wildlife Service )

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